I give props to Stephen Verrall for trying something different with this score; there are so many electronic sound effects and pieces and he combines them in a way that rarely sounds like something I’ve heard before...“Nova seed” is one of the more interesting and varied electronic scores you’ll hear this year. Alert and retro to the bone, fascinating as a journey for a fan like me, it’s an electronic fun fair from which you can just choose your favourite rides.”


Stephen Verrall

Self-taught, multi-talented composer and instrumentalist Canadian Stephen Verrall has brought over 25 yrs. of experience to commercials and feature film. He has released four solo albums in the Alternative and EDM genre.

Audio and music production.

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2018-12-05: Soundtrack show on CFMU 93.3  Hung out with host Stephen Hayes and talked about my work and scoring Nova Seed!

2018-12-05: Soundtrack show on CFMU 93.3 Hung out with host Stephen Hayes and talked about my work and scoring Nova Seed!


Film Music Daily - SYNTHTOPIA

LAKESHORE RECORDS - Indie Animation Spotlight 

NOVA SEED Soundtrack Review: The CineRadio Top 20 has been released for March 2017, highlighting music played on soundtrack music radio specialty shows, online radio stations and podcasts. NOVA SEED's soundtrack is at #10!

Film Daily - Nova Seed Soundtrack 


 ScreenAnarchy - Nova Seed  
Hand Drawn SciFi Feature NOVA SEED Coming Soon! Check Out A Clip And Song From The Soundtrack! 

 ScreenAnarchy - Nova Seed 
With an artistic style that beckons back to the worlds created in Heavy Metal from 1981 and character designs from, say, 1968's Yellow Submarine (Submarine’s animation director Robert Balser also worked on Heavy Metal) and whiffs of Japanese anime, it is a wildly imaginative world full of creatures both familiar and alien. 

Broadwayworld.com - Nova Seed  

Gorgon Pictures and House of Cool announced today THE MARCH 28th North American release of Nick DiLiberto's sci-fi fantasy adventure, NOVASEED, the director's feature film debut. Animated in 2D as a solo effort by DiLiberto, this film is the product of four years' work and is comprised of 60,000 painstakingly hand-drawn frames. DiLiberto's NOVA SEED has just completed a year-long run at festivals around the world including, its world premiere at TAAFI in Toronto, a US premiere at Fantastic Fest, and the European premiere at 14th Carrefour du Cinéma d'Animation in Paris. NOVA SEED garnered a nomination for the coveted Satoshi Kon Award at the Fantasia International Film Festival.  

Pre-sales for NOVA SEED begin March 7, 2017 on VHX, the House of Cool portal where the special edition is available.  

Stephen Verrall's soundtrack album will be available on all digital platforms March 24 through Lakeshore Records.  

The March 28 release will see the film's availability expand to Mondo (SVOD), Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes and Amazon.com.  

Nova SEED is an action-packed, post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi adventure that follows a lion-man (a Neo-Animal Combatant or NAC) who must save the NOVA Seed, a mystic force of nature in the form of a girl, from Dr. Mindskull, an evil half-man bent on remaking the world in his image.  

Nova SEED is written by Nick DiLiberto (who worked in the animation department for Asura's Wrath, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Mass Effect) and Joe DiLiberto, and executive produced by Ricardo Curtis (The Book of Life, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc.), Adele DiLiberto, John DiLiberto, Nick DiLiberto and Wes Lui (The Book of Life, Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade, Dragons: Race to the Edge). Music by Canadian musician, Stephen Verrall.  

"This is the film that every true lover of animated movies has been waiting for," said Ricardo Curtis, President and Creative Director of House of Cool. "Nova SEED is one man's brilliant vision of what animation should be. Nick is the second coming of great auteurs like Moebius and Ralph Bakshi, in the form of a modern day Heavy Metal."  

DiLiberto said, "I grew up with 2D animated shows like He-Man and Thunder Cats and I wanted to be a part of that, but as an adult I was disappointed that everything I saw and worked on was so slick and manufactured. I wanted to make something that made me feel like I did when I was a kid, and I was tired of waiting for Disney or DreamWorks to make it for me. So, I made it myself."  

"Every now and then, you see something that is so original that you have to be a part of it. NOVA SEED is that type of film," said Kate Moo King-Curtis (The Prince of Egypt, Road to El Dorado, Curious George), Creative Developer at House of Cool. "The red on screen is literally from Nick's bleeding fingers."  

About Nick DiLiberto: Born and raised in Hamilton, Canada, Nick DiLiberto always had a passion for drawing and film-making. Graduating with Honours from the Sheridan College Classical Animation program, he began his career in the video game industry eventually working on the critically acclaimed Mass Effect franchise. After working his way up to Lead Animator, he moved to Japan where he worked as Animation Director.  

About Gorgon Pictures: Gorgon Pictures Inc. is an Independent animation studio located in Fukuoka, Japan, established by Canadian filmmaker Nick DiLiberto, which is dedicated to creating fully 2D hand drawn animated films. With its first feature film NOVA SEED(2016), an award-winning Sci-fi adventure, Gorgon Pictures has become an inspiration to artists and filmmakers around the world and continues to push the envelope in its approach and techniques to the medium.  

About House of Cool: House of Cool is an international leader in storytelling and animation. Established in 2004, the Canadian firm has contributed its award-winning creative expertise to leading studios and brands around the world, including pre-production on films such as Angry Birds (2016), Peanuts (2015), Rio 2 (2014), Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012), Despicable Me (2010) and Horton Hears A Who (2008).

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